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Introducing the “Never Forgotten” Tee


-This one is for our lost loved ones, and specially in remembrance of Jake Vú <3

-Running our first ever charity fundraiser with these donating 25%, of each shirt sold to. The American Foundation for Suicide Prevention 

-On the front of the tee is the wording “gone but never forgotten” embedded into the background is Japanese Kajin

-The back of the hoodie displays a nice retro 80’s stylish theme. We show the colorfully faded Japanese Kajin

-Also included on back is a Nissan s12 for a vision of one of Jake Vú’s favorite cars which he owned several of.

-Lightly illuminated in purple are the words “Drive Faster” he encouraged most of his drift friends.

-Below that is stamped into the shirt “All Mischief”

-Clean/Retro style which is extremely comfortable.

Never Forgotten Tee

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