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  • Our most awaited tee has arrived!


  • The “All Mental” tee has been acknowledged all around the world for its infamous looks that are one of a kind.


  • This is a very complex design between texture of the skull along with the roses. We even added a touch of green.


  • There are a lot of hidden elements like the tattoo on the chin “All Mischief” or the world sitting on top of the skull.


  • We made the triangular effect to add depth so the skull is popping out in a 3D effect.


  • The meaning behind “It’s All Mental”:


  • “Your lack of happiness. It’s all mental. Your lack of success it’s all mental. Your positivity and your motion forward it’s all mental. Everything in the world can be done if you set your mind to it. It’s all mental, the good in your life and the bad in your life. Much like this design, The feeling of death or being stagnant it’s all mental. The beauty of a rose and seeing the good before it’s bloomed it’s all mental.”

All Mental Tee

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